Harm Caused by Shoes


Renowned Podiatrist Dr. Michael Nirenberg, in “The Top 3 Ways Wearing Shoes Harms Our Feet – And What We Can Do About It” points out the basic flaws in shoe designs. Dr. William Rossi did the same for years while consulting for shoe manufacturers with such articles as “Why Shoes Make “Normal” Gait Impossible“.

Shoe manufacturers still have not listened. They continue to make shoes that cause long term harm to children’s developing feet. Parents that rely on the shoe manufacturers’ expertise unwittingly contribute to the problem. Adults that rely on the shoe manufacturers’ expertise do themselves in. They subject themselves to long term problems by succumbing to fashion whims or over protection of feet that don’t need that level of protection.

Dr. Nirenberg offers a simple solution. Go barefoot as much as possible. Especially children. No high tech materials. No special support. No over the top fashion. Just bare feet. Simple, natural, and it has worked for a very long time.

There are those who would argue that today’s world is unsafe for bare feet. Too much concrete, glass everywhere and the climate is too cold. Those hazards are all overstated and over rated. Concrete and other man made surfaces are not harder to a bare foot than natural stone or sun baked clay. The prevalence of glass is not as great as most people think, and not as great a hazard either. And healthy feet can tolerate the same temperatures as the hands. If it is warm enough to go without gloves, active feet will be as least as warm.

Feet are tougher than most people believe, but they can easily be destroyed by shoes.


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