Why, oh why, do they make this stuff up?


TMZ is reporting on the whole Tiger Woods story. Here is their latest. Right there is paragraph two:

Tiger was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and no shoes. It’s illegal in Florida to drive without shoes.

It is not illegal in Florida to drive without shoes. Their traffic statutes are here. You will not find a single reference to bare feet or footwear anywhere in it. It’s a myth, and there is no reason for any “news” source to keep repeating it.

By the way, it is not illegal in any state to drive barefooted (one or two states do require shoes when driving a motorcycle).

Even worse, the TMZ story has been picked up by others and they have passed along the myth. Among the guilty are Perez Hilton and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Don’t these people know how to do research?

On the brighter side, at least in the comments to those article, there are quite a few people calling them on it.


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