High Societal Pressure


Marissa Gold, of stylelist.com, took Susan Sarandon to task for hitting the Red Carpet barefoot for the premiere of her new movie, “The Lovely Bones.” According to Gold, Sarandon needed some “funky python peep-toe sandals.”

Here’s a different idea: maybe Sarandon doesn’t need to torture her feet simply because some so-called fashion maven tries to apply social pressure. Maybe Sarandon is more sensible than Victoria Beckham.

USA Today is running a poll about Sarandon’s footwear choice (or, should we say, non-choice). So far it is running 73% in Sarandon’s favor.

What many of the stories don’t mention is that Peter Jackson is the director of the movie. Jackson is of course well-known for going barefoot a lot, and Sarandon went barefoot in homage to him, according to TVNZ. It should also be noted that New Zealand just isn’t as uptight about bare feet as the United States seems to be, so anybody who thinks this is shocking just needs to learn to be a bit more multi-cultural.

If folks seem to think that Sarandon still needed to gussy things up a bit, my suggestion is that a nice pearl ankle bracelet might have done nicely.


2 Responses to “High Societal Pressure”

  1. Anemone Says:

    1. She has skinny feet!
    2. That dress is not shown at the most flattering angle. Maybe it looked better when she stood up straight. No, it didn’t: http://topics.npr.org/photo/04SoaYlaO05iH Oh, well. Her feet look good.
    3. We need more celebrity pics from New Zealand. (And Australia, too.) Americans need to be desensitized.

  2. Beach Bum Says:

    “anybody who thinks this is shocking just needs to learn to be a bit more multi-cultural.”

    Or get a time machine and go back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. Young people who were not around at the time have NO idea how common it was to see young people back then going barefoot right here in the USA. And young reporters need to be educated about the relatively recent past.

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