Yet another “barefoot” running shoe


The Boston Herald’s “Ecco BIOMs a ‘natural’ gift for the serious runner” claims Ecco’s new shoe is based on professional input from athletes and claims to be a premium natural motion shoe. It is not based on science; rather the design is based on incorrect assumptions long held by the shoe industry.

The shoe features a rounded heel that supposedly makes the transfer of weight easier after the heel impacts the ground. Yet recent evidence indicates that impacting on the heels is the cause of many running injuries.

Danish triathlete Torbjørn Sindballe designed a training course to allow runners to accustom themselves to the shoes; stating it takes 4-6 weeks for the feet to adapt to the shoe. What? Podiatrists recommend that shoes that do not feel right the first moment you put them on are not right for your foot and should be avoided.

Clearly Ecco has designed the BIOM to be just another running shoe while claiming it is based on science. Using terms like “barefoot feel” and “nano treatment” may make the shoes sound scientific, but it appears to be based on bad science.


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