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Here’s a cute story done by a Grand Rapids, MI, local news station. It’s about barefoot running and some barefoot running clinics put on by Jason Robillard.

It does seem a bit odd that one would require clinics on how to run barefoot (take off your shoes!), but there is more to it than that. Don’t forget that feet that are used to being encased in shoes do not have the muscle, tendon, or ligament support or strength of those who regularly go barefoot. There can also be issues of technique. If you try to use the same sort of heel-striking that you can get away with shod you won’t last very long.


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  1. Barefoot Josh Says:

    Also, going barefoot is hard for shy people (not a problem with me…). Having a class gives you a group to blend in with, and Jason can help answer questions in real time. Think of it like art; I can draw and paint in my own house, but it’s nice to be in a group that can give feedback and different perspectives.

  2. Jason Robillard Says:

    Hey, thanks for the comments! 🙂 Yes, there is a bit more to it than just taking off your shoes, and BF Josh makes an excellent point. Some people can learn on their own. Still others can learn via the info available on the ‘net. There are a few individuals that prefer the clinic setting, though.

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