A Rant We Can Believe In


Barefoot Ken Bob is An Angry Barefooter. Oh, he’s not really angry, but he has some really good observations:

This is simple logic…

IF your foot is covered and If you believe you are barefoot – Then, you have been made a fool!

Even a bigger fool, if you paid money for the footwear believing they actually are “barefoot” shoes!

IF you sell me footwear, and IF you have convinced me to believe that I’m barefoot while wearing the footwear- Then you have made me a fool!

I’m not saying anyone or everyone needs to be barefoot all the time (heaven forbid, that that should happen, or that peace breaks out around the world). I’m just saying, Don’t be made a fool, and don’t try to make me a fool!”

When I talk about Running Barefoot, or Barefoot Running, or Walking Barefoot, or Barefoot Walking, or being Barefoot – I actually, truly, mean that the feet are bare, without shoes, footwear, not even socks. I try to be clear and accurate about this. And a few years ago, people actually understood clearly and accurately that I meant “barefoot”.

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2 Responses to “A Rant We Can Believe In”

  1. Eric (BARE) Says:

    Barefooter here. Well then, I’ve been “fooled” :] . However if I ever need protection from people and intolerant establishment policies, my Vibrams 5fingers go on. In my opinion, they are unique and offer bigot-cushioning. I am usually bare 24/7 but minimalist is a good back-up when needed. I’ve no regrets.

  2. j Says:

    Eric: the Vibrams are far from minimalist. Moccasins are minimalist. Simple sandals are minimalist. $70 crazy toe-contoured shoes is crazy. I admit they’re awesome in a way, but the stupidness outweighs the awesome for me.

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