Converting the world, one podiatrist at a time!


I just wanted to highlight a posting that occurred on the Running Barefoot Yahoogroup. This comes from Wendy:

I had to see a podiatrist (for what turned out to be a skin issue related to my auto-immune issues, no connection to barefoot running) and spent most of the visit chatting with the doc about barefoot running. He was totally amazed at the muscle development in my feet and how perfect and flaw/callous free they were! The fact that I had run a 8 miler barefoot a couple of weeks before totally blew him away. All the usual questions were thrown out there, what about glass, grass, and goo, yadda yadda. Of course, everything made total sense and when I left he thanked me for an interesting visit and wished me the best with my barefoot running 🙂

Podiatrists get a lot of very good, specialized training, and almost all of it is based upon real science. However, when it comes to bare feet, there really is very little research and speculation has reached its way into their practices. We see that in many of the news articles that reach the media, in which the reporter talks to a podiatrist for “balance.” The truth is, very few podiatrists see people who go barefoot regularly, and most of the research in the podiatry world compares one kind of shoe against another kind of shoe (at least for long-term foot care).

It’s nice to see a podiatrist able to see and accept something that runs counter to some of that training.

Oh, and the title of this entry also came directly from Wendy. I fully endorse it!


2 Responses to “Converting the world, one podiatrist at a time!”

  1. Bob (Downtown Runner) Says:

    That’s an interesting thought. As much as we BFers would like Podatrists to support us, if everything we think about our activity is true, then we should actually need them LESS than others. So its kind of a Catch 22.

    Keep up the blogging!!

  2. Ki Choe Says:

    A nice post echoing such information…training is very important and getting specialized training is a very good thing…

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