Now That’s an Attitude


Here’s another barefoot story from the early 1900s.

This one is from the Mahoning Dispatch, August 22, 1913:


Picturesque Mayor of Ohio Town Walks Down Main Avenue of Village In His Bare Feet.

Clarington, O. Aug. 20.—When his fellow townsmen remonstrated with Col. Sam Techappott, the picturesque mayor of Clarington, when he emulated Sockless Simpson of Kansas and walked down the main avenue while the street was crowded, in his bare feet, he told them to mind their own business and that he would do as he blamed pleased, or words to that effect. Col. Techappott, who is a veteran of the Civil war, has caused much controversy and efforts have been made to have him removed from office, but without result.

Well, at least it wasn’t “shocking.”

[Note: “Sockless Simpson” refers to a progressive polititian. Simpson denounced his rich opponent as having feet “encased in fine silk hosiery.” The opponent retorted that at least he had socks. Simpson took the insult and made it his own.

I guess I shouldn’t have to add that “sockless” is not barefoot.]


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  1. Beach Bum Says:

    How about Portugal in 1928?

    They banned bare feet in town.

  2. Rusty Says:

    I’m a disabled single male who sometimes go barefooted around the house, but lately been trying to go barefooted more now that I have found this website. This has encouraged me to try something new. I feel that many people don’t try new thing because society prohabits going barefoote here in the USA except when going to the beach or the pool and other activities where barefooting is allowed. I live out in the country and sometimes will go shoeless outside and walk in the mud and surnung the summer would go shoeless out in my front yrd.

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