Conclusion of a Shoe Designer


According to Rounded-sole shoes said to improve… “Karl Muller decided to create the footwear after visiting Africa. While in Africa, he noticed that the tribesman of the Masai walked barefoot on sand and dirt. They were the picture of health and rarely suffered injuries to the back or joints.”

So how did Muller conclude that a new shoe design would be better than going barefoot as the Masai do? Somehow, he apparently thought that African soil is only soft. The Masai never walk on hard surfaces. So he set out to simulate a soft surface by making a round soled shoe.

What is the reality? Sun baked clay is not significantly softer that western man made surfaces. Rock is definitely not softer. Yet for some unexplained reason, westerners can’t walk on hard surfaces while the Masai can. Likewise for other predominately barefoot people. There is a greater percentage of hard surfaces in western metropolitan areas than some rural areas, but that does not make bare feet inadequate.

This is just another example of the conclusion of a shoe designer when faced with an alternative that has no financial reward.


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