Article regarding Tom’s Shoes “Day without Shoes”


I just want to point you all to a great article by Darren Richardson: Shoe company’s ‘One Day Without Shoes’ event leads to soul-searching about soles.

A quote:

Those who participated in the “One Day Without Shoes” event should understand that their short time outside of shoes is in no way indicative of actually living without shoes on a regular basis. Based on their brief foray into shoelessness, well-meaning TOMS supporters may think that a life on bare feet is difficult and painful, but unless they have made it a point to exercise their feet through regular barefoot walking, the one day or one hour sans shoes is akin to unfit people going into the gym, engaging in heavy workouts and then talking to each other about how sore their muscles are. Feeling sorry for those who go through that routine every day, they then decide to donate miniature cranes for the regular gym rats so they don’t have to keep doing all that heavy lifting themselves.

Go read it.

[Note: Darren made a slight, non-substantive edit on the material I quoted. I have updated the quote and title here to match his change.]


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