Senator Don Thomas retires from the Georgia Senate


The Dalton Daily Citizen has a story about ‘Doctor Don’ bows out of the Senate. It’s noteworthy to us because of his description, from the first few paragraphs of the article:

ATLANTA — There are days when Don Thomas has to wear shoes — when jogging around his family’s old home place on Haig Mill Road, while padding around his north Dalton medical clinic in casual footwear, or treading the halls of the state Capitol in dress shoes — sometimes.

“He drove down here for a meeting last year, and from my desk at the end of the hall I saw him come walking down the steps,” said Vicki Gibbs, an administrative assistant in the state Senate where Thomas, a Republican, served as a senator for 14 years. “He had on a great suit with a nice tie, but he was barefooted. He told me he goes barefoot as much as possible when he’s at home, and said that day he’d just gotten into the car without them. He called his legislative assistant, Laurie Sparks, and asked her if she could help him find some shoes.”

For much of the day on Thursday, the last day of the General Assembly’s session for 2010 and his final day as a state senator, Thomas, 76, wore only socks.

“I’m just a little barefoot country boy,” the veteran family physician said at one point when the Senate called a halt to business for a 30-minute tribute to him. “I forgot my shoes again today and had to find some.”

Well, thank goodness he wasn’t in the Ohio Senate. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to do his job.


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  1. bob palmer Says:

    Dalton is in Georgia, not Alabama. I think you saw Atlanta and read Alabama instead…

  2. Bob Neinast Says:

    Fixed. Thanks!

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