Cody Lundin in “Dual Survivor”


The Discovery Channel has a new survivor show out, called Dual Survivor (if you click on that link, you’ll see some promos).

Cody should be well-known to barefooters. He’s a survivalist who has been going barefoot for over 20 years, so he really knows what he is doing. The September 2009 issue of Backpacker magazine did a feature on him. Here’s the feature photo in that article:

Abo Dude

You can find the full article on Google Books, here.

From the Discovery promos, we see that he has to cheat just a tad for the really cold (don’t we all?), putting on some socks, and driving his survival partner nuts. They feature an early comment from the partner, Dave Canterbury, that seems to suggest dissension,

If he chooses not to wear shoes and not to wear pants, it’s Bush Hippie Logic and Mother Nature stuff that I don’t get.

I suspect that as the show goes on, though, Dave will come to really respect Cody.

By they way, I did a bit of research on Cody’s statements about mitochondria. While I am not sure one can train one’s mitochondria (but I’d sure like to think so, and I’d sure like to think I have done so with my own), it is true that many who live in northern climates do have more efficient mitochondria that help keep them warm.

Youtube also has some of the promos. Here’s one:

I think I will really like this show, and I think it is good publicity for barefooters.


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8 Responses to “Cody Lundin in “Dual Survivor””

  1. Kross Letterio Says:

    i love survivor stuff and me and watch is show all the i now why and how does is not hurt

  2. Nick Says:

    I loved that show, it stinks that the season is over. Seen every single eposode.

  3. Diana Says:

    I have always loved to go barefoot and people give me a hard time (my feet are like a dogs…tough. I do find it hard though in a society where you can’t go into a store without shoes though. How does Cody fare with this? I would go barefoot all summer (and fall up here in Montana) if I could but just is not doable unfortunately. Thanks for at least making it look ‘normal’ to those who are so critical.

  4. Bob Neinast Says:

    Diana, you might find it easier to go barefoot into stores than you think. Many of us when we started out were sure we’d be immediately tossed. Yes, it does happen occasionally (and that actually works marvels for working on one’s composure!), but a lot less often than one might think.

    Cody is a pretty laid-back guy (as we can see from the show), and he says that he will put on flip-flops when requested.

  5. Tony Says:

    As for going without shoes in public places, I know firsthand that the Dulles airport does not appreciate it. I was told by an airport security representative to put shoes on due to ” health and safety concerns.”
    I guess catching a little flak once in a while for your choice to go barefoot is but a minor annoyance for the comfort and sense of freedom that it provides.

  6. jeff Says:

    I just got into the show,

    I just got into the show, & I don’t think cody is nuts. I live in the Adirondacks in N.Y. & I go out in below zero temps. in tee shirt shorts moccassins all the time for a couple hours @ a time w/no problem, of course

    I just started watching the show, & I don’t think Cody is nuts. I live in the Adirondacks in N.Y. & I’ve gone out in sub zero temps in tee shirt, shorts & moccassins w/no problems, of course I’m doing high activity projects to generate body heat. Personally I think cold is a figment of your imagination to an extant. If you look at the thermometer in the morning & the temp is -20*, then you go out a lot of people will tense their body & say boy it’s cold. then they will be cold.

  7. stella taylor Says:

    i knew there was someone out there who detested shoes as much as i do. love the show. devoted follower in mesa az

  8. stella taylor Says:

    shark week took cody a long way from the az desert. i am looking foward to seeing the show tonight at 9.

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