Lieberman Interview


There is a new interview with Dr. Daniel Lieberman of Harvard on his research on barefoot running, with Shining City TV:

There is really nothing new, barefooting-wise, here, but it is good reminder of his research into barefoot running.

One thing he mentioned: he only runs barefoot, and wears shoes the rest of the time. Maybe he ought to do a bit of research on barefoot walking, and just how that differs from, and has advantages over, shod walking.


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  1. Andreas Says:

    Might not have any new things in it, but the clip is great for mailing to skeptical friends and family. It does a great job of explaining some of the benefits and reasons for barefoot running.

    Once barefoot running takes off, barefoot walking is bound to follow. All of the barefoot running reasoning applies to barefoot walking, so once you have accepted barefoot running, how can you ignore barefoot walking?

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