Shoeless Revolution in Toronto


A week or so ago there was a nice story on “Global News” in Canada. You can see it here. (Sorry, I was not able to embed the video. Also, I’m afraid there is an ad you have to sit through first.) A bit of a fluff piece and filler, but I thought both of the people interviewed (Barefoot Moe and Dale Blacker) did a very nice job talking about some of the issues that concern people.

One nice thing about the interview is that, at the end, Dale did manage to get the reporter to try walking around the city street a bit. I really think that lends an air of authenticity; it shows that going barefoot is not that big a deal and that anybody can do it.

Quite a few years back, I was in a story about barefoot hiking, along with fellow blogger Greg Morgan. For the life of us, we could not get the reporter to hike along with us barefoot. He said that he was game, but that the folks in his office told him he shouldn’t “for insurance reasons.” We all know that that is just bunk, but we could not sway him. Nonetheless, a pretty nice story came out of it, which you can see here.


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