“The Barefoot Book” on The Today Show


Here’s a heads up. Daniel Howell, author of The Barefoot Book is scheduled to be a guest on The Kathie Lee and Hoda segment of The Today Show. He will be appearing tomorrow, Friday, December 3 at 10:00am (EST, and whatever that translates to in other time zones).

Time to set up those VCRs and DVRs.

One thing about these various interviews: the news media consider bare feet just odd enough, and interesting enough, that appearing on one show will often generate a request to appear on another show (and they do have to fill those time slots). When I have occasionally been on the news, it seems that one appearance can lead to another appearance.

I’ve never hit the big time like Daniel has, though.

[Update: Word is that Daniel boarded his flight to NYC to appear on the show, but was then escorted off the plane because he did not have shoes. I don’t know anything more at this point. Check in later for further updates.]

[Further update: Daniel’s appearance was entertaining, informative, and charming!]

[Update X 3: From the comments, here’s a link to the video of the segment.]


2 Responses to ““The Barefoot Book” on The Today Show

  1. Anonymous Says:

    To clarify: in order to clear security, you can’t wear shoes; and to board the plane, you must wear them?

    No wonder people hate air travel.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s a link for those who missed it.


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