The Origin of the Panyee Football Club


Here’s a nice little short film about the origin of the Panyee (Thailand) Football Club:

You probably will want to view it full-screen to be able to read the subtitles.


3 Responses to “The Origin of the Panyee Football Club”

  1. Tim Says:

    Nice find! I have always wondered why you don’t see soccer played in bare feet more often. I would think it would be ideal, as barefooters are light on their feet and can move quicker than people weighed down by clumbsy shoes

  2. vas Says:

    After all, shoes are a technical device like skis or fins, maybe they do give some special advantage to the wearer (if she knows how to use them). Remember the elaborate swimsuits which were eventually banned from competitive swimming?

  3. Alberto Guimaraes Says:

    Peace and Good!
    Beautiful, so many barefoot and imaginative boy!
    To live barefoot is very good for imagination!
    Braga – Portugal

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