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Why this Blog is Pretty Much Defunct

October 5, 2011

A lot of effort went into creating this blog and trying to keep it supplied with decent content in order to give the SBL a dynamic public face beyond their static home page. That work went unappreciated.

Behind the scenes there was constant harassment and bullying from another SBL member about this blog and the way it was being run (you all noticed how awful it was, right?). This went on for over a year in the various internal management groups of the SBL, may have contributed to a number of other moderators quitting, and eventually the bullying behavior was adopted by others.

You might consider this video:

I do not take well to bullying. Never have (and in fact protected some kids from it back when I was in high school), and I tend to react like the kid in the video.

The SBL administrators were like so many school administrators when it came to that bullying: blame the bullied equally with the bully. And of course, the bully considers it a victory for his ego if he gets his victim into trouble. Smart administrators figure that out and control the bully. But not in the SBL. Oh, they made new rules that were supposed to deal with the bully, but when push came to shove, they not only reneged, they denied they had any responsibility. Pfft.

That is why I am also no longer in the SBL.

As I’ve mentioned before, you can now follow me on my own blog: Ahcuah. There is now more content there than when I was writing here, because here I was always conscientiously working to write as a representative of the SBL. On my own, I don’t have to worry about that.

[The bully has now been rewarded and made one of the SBL moderators. Talk about clueless administrators.]

[Updated: To those who wonder about the truth of the above, you need only look at the recent example in one of the internal management groups: The bully attacked me again, by name, and the administrators did nothing until somebody defended me. Then, the remonstrance was a reply, not to the bully, but to the defender.]




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